What do we do?

Individual coaching

Tailored to suit your needs, working towards your goals, each session will be packed with drills and content to target your skills – the mental side and game sense as well – and players can select six sessions for the price of five!

Group coaching

Best for three or more players, we will facilitate a tailored session – batting, bowling, fielding or combined – mixed with drills, competition and game play that the group can later use to enhance their own club’s training or for their own needs.

Club coaching

Here, we ‘coach the coaches’, enhancing knowledge and skills to run club-wide training programs that add energy and variety. We can also act in an ongoing capacity as a coaching consultant for a period of your choosing.

School program

Yes, we take school groups, facilitating lively, fun and competitive student training programs (not to mention specialised sessions during the school holidays) and we can demonstrate the best pathway to senior cricket for a younger player.

Training and development program

Encompassing skills and fitness, this program is perfect for individual players who want an ongoing, customised program.

Video analysis

Frame by frame, we will capture and analyse the different aspects of your play to understand and build upon approach, technique and application – and you get to keep the footage!

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